The white teenager who joined Newcastle Asian sex gang



A teenage girl lured other youngsters into a child sex ring before they were passed around by paedophiles in Newcastle.

Carolann Gallon was the only white and female member of the North East child sex ring exposed yesterday. She joined the gang aged just 17.

Gallon - who was called 'Chucky' by friends - became central to the police investigation into the gang of 18 whose sickening activities emerged yesterday when the last members were convicted.

Now 22, she has admitted three offences of trafficking children for the purposes of exploitation and will be sentenced next month.

Frightened neighbours in a local authority owned block of flats have been trying to get Gallon removed since she was charged in 2015.

Gallon, who neighbours say has a same sex partner, has held noisy late night parties involving groups of Asian men.

One mum in the block of maisonettes in Newburn, Newcastle, said: 'We have been very concerned about her living here ever since she was charged.

'Those of us with kids are very worried by her association with the kind of people she has connections with.

'She has men round to her flat and has held noisy parties until late at night, they are always Asian men.

'There has been a campaign to get her out but she is still living here two years later.'

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