Mum scarred for life and afraid to leave home after botched eyebrow procedure caused skin to fall off



A mum has been left scarred for life following a botched 30-minute eyebrow tattoo procedure which caused her skin to fall off.

Amanda Coats, 43, from Melbourne, Australia travelled to Skincare Laser Clinic in Melbourne suburb Point Cook to have the procedure, which cost £218, on June 30. She said she woke up the day after her eyebrow feathering appointment to discover that her skin had peeled off onto her pillow. The procedure requires that clinicians use a small blade to make tiny cuts in the skin before inserting ink to make the eyebrows appear darker and fuller. After Amanda had the procedure, she claims her skin became painfully red and swollen and it cost her so much money to treat - about £972.

The clinic that carried out the treatment said the adverse reaction was due to an allergy to one of the supplementary products she used after the procedure. They said she might have had a reaction to the ink pigment or medication prescribed by her doctor or did not correctly follow aftercare advice. However, the mum-of-three insists it was an infection resulting from the procedure. She is now speaking out about it to ensure no one goes through the pain and humiliation.

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