If Prince Harry marries Meghan, it’ll be a game changer for black people in Britain


I’ve already told my friends that if and when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle, we should all be outside Westminster Abbey and put on our best African outfit.

We’ve made it.

I say ‘we’ because even though she’s mixed race, the world still looks at her as black.

You only have to look at the comments under a Daily Mail article about the couple to realise that.

Never in a million years did I think someone in the royal family would be romantically involved with someone whose skin is a darker hue than theirs.

It speaks volumes about how society is changing, albeit slowly. But it’s definitely changing.

The black community could be on the brink of having a quasi-representative among the royals.

We first saw something like this when Emma McQuiston, who is half-English and half-Nigerian, became Lady Weymouth.

Tatler’s front page said ‘At last!’ upon her engagement with her now-husband Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount of Weymouth.

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