Court brought to tears over new footage of 2 white farmers forcing black labourer into coffin



New video which shows a black labourer being forced into a coffin by two white farmers and threatened with being burned alive has brought a courtroom to tears.

The full two-minute coffin clip was shown, in which terrified Victor Mlotshwa begs for his life.

In the disturbing video, Mr Mlotshwa is seen with his hands clasped together in prayer amid whimpering and screaming as he appears to be forced into the coffin.
According to Times Live,one of his alleged attackers is then seen pressing the lid down with his foot as the victim screams in terror, believing the pair were about to pour petrol in.

The suspects, who allegedly caught Mr Mlotshwa walking on their farm, were also captured on video they took themselves apparently threatening to throw a snake in with him.
In a South African court, Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, both 29, have pleaded not guilty to kidnap, assault, attempted murder and possession of a firearm over the incident last year in the eastern province of Mpumalanga.

The new phone footage revealed further details about the alleged assault after a shorter clip emerged last year triggering national outrage and leading to the arrest of the two accused.
Both clips appear to have been filmed by the suspects.

“Please don’t kill me,” Mlotshwa begged the men while in the coffin, according to the Times Live website.

“Why shouldn’t we, when you are killing our farm?” one allegedly replied.
Mlotshwa denied the theft.

He said his attackers had threatened to shoot him if he tried to run. They had further said they would place a snake in the coffin they had forced him into and had threatened to burn him in it.

Mlotshwa said he had fled after tilting the coffin. Asked whether he had not been afraid of being shot‚ he replied: “It would have been better if they had shot me than burying me alive.”

The two men were arrested after a video of them forcing Mlotshwa into a coffin went viral. They had taken the footage themselves‚ saying they had done so to ensure that they had evidence that they did no harm to Mlotshwa.

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