Chloe Ayling ‘promised to have sex with captor once kidnapping was over’



Glamour model Chloe Ayling claims she made her alleged kidnapper believe she’d have sex with him once the ordeal was over.

The 20-year-old claims that Lukasz Herba, who is currently held in custody by Italian police, brought her chocolates and underwear during her six-day ordeal.

She said she was kidnapped, drugged with ketamin, stuffed into a suitcase and taken to a remote Italian farmhouse after she had gone to Milan for a photoshoot.

In a 3,500-word statement made to police in Italy and obtained by MailOnline, Ayling said: ‘In effect I was leading him [Herba] to believe that we would have become more intimate friends when this kidnapping was over.

‘On one occasion I remember that I was in the shower and he was watching me and he told me to stay in the shower and said that he couldn’t take it any more and carried out a sex act.’

She did however say that, although he slept in the same bed as her for the six days, ‘he didn’t molest me sexually or ask for sexual favours’.

Ayling, from Coulsdon in south London, also addressed controversy over a shoe shopping trip she took with Herba.

She was asked by a detective: ‘Doesn’t it seem strange to you to go and purchase shoes with your kidnapper?’

Ayling replied: ‘I realise that, but for me Herba or better yet, MD, was the one that could save me and thanks to him I could gain my freedom. This is the reason why I didn’t rebel and I did not ask help from the lady that was selling shoes.’

She claimed that during her ordeal, one of her kidnappers told her she was being set free because they had ‘taken the wrong person’.

‘I wasn’t supposed to be taken because the boss had seen my Instagram profile and saw my full name and some photos which clearly showed that I was a mother with a small baby, and this was against the rules of the organisation,’ she said in the statement.

Herba then reportedly took her to the British consulate on July 15, where she was set free and he was arrested.

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