10 Body Parts That Stimulates Sexual Pleasure 18+


In this 21st century, if you still think s*x starts and ends with just the pen*s and vag*na, you definitely know nothing about s*x or pleasuring your partner..

Below are 10 parts of the body you should concentrate on that will give your partner so much pleasure in bed


The nipples are a key erogenous zone in both men and women (yes, I said men). Don’t neglect this zone.

2. Inner Thighs

You should never neglect the inner thighs when you are under the sheets with your partner as it has the ability to give so much pleasure.

3. Ears

The ears are also an erogenous zone you shouldn’t neglect in bed. It gives both men and women pleasure in bed.

4. Back Of The Knees

This is another region in the body you shouldn’t neglect during sex. All you have to do is lightly touch or massage the back of your partner’s knees in a circular motion to get him or her excited.

5. Lower Abs

This spot has the ability to heighten sexual tension in both men and women.

6. Scalp

This spot works great for women. A scalp massage calms women while also increasing sexual tension.

7. Feet

A man’s sole and a woman’s toe are spots you shouldn’t neglect when in bed with your partner.

8. Belly Button

A woman’s belly button is another sensitive spot you should target when in bed with your partner.

9. Nose

The nose contains very high number of nerve endings and it’s another zone you should target when in bed with your partner. The tip of the nose is the spot you should target.

10. Neck

The back of the neck is another erogenous zone in both men and women. Slightly rubbing the back of your partner’s neck while simultaneously touching other zones in your partner’s body will do the trick.

Source: El Crema

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