"You Just Killed My Son" - Wife Of Heroic Man Who Bravely Led Their Family Out The Burning London Tower, Blames Council Bosses For The Loss Of Her Baby



A London based man made the news around the world after he bravely saved the life of his entire family who would have otherwise died in the London Tower inferno. Marcio Gomes had been waiting for help to come, but when firefighters still hadn't made it to the 21st floor where he lived, he knew it was up to him to save his family. He wrapped his seven-month pregnant wife and their two daughters in wet towels, and ushered them down the burning stairs.
Marcio revealed after the incident that it was very dark and the fire was raging. There were bodies strewn all over the floor but they kept going trying to get to safety. On getting downstairs, he discovered that his eldest daughter was not with them after collapsing from smoke inhalation. He rushed back into the burning building despite the warnings by firefighters and saved her.

Andreia who was pregnant with a baby boy, already named Logan, was put into a medically-induced coma to recover from the incident. When she woke up, she discovered that her unborn baby had died due to cyanide poisoning. He was delivered through caesarean section but did not have a heartbeat. It is unclear where the cyanide had come from, but tests showed that they all had it in their systems.

Speaking to BBC's Newsnight as she recovers, Andreia said:

"They believed that the poisons went in and obviously everything goes to the baby. When you go ahead ignoring something like that I feel that you don't care. You (council bosses) just killed so many people and you just killed my son. Because in a normal situation I could have gone out and her could have survived. But because of the conditions, he passed away. They said that they believed as the poison went in and settled in my body everything goes to the baby. After seven months the lungs of the baby start to develop. The amount that he received was enough to stop his heart.
"I knew something was wrong as soon as they told me that they need to protect the mother as a priority. I broke down because I knew what they were saying without saying it. And later on they said that the baby had passed away. They can't say 100 per cent but they said the heart just couldn't cope with the lack of oxygen the baby couldn't get.'

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