Woman who posed as man to trick female friend into sex by blindfolding her and using 'fake penis' is jailed



A "manipulative" woman who tricked a friend into sex with a fake penis by blindfolding her and pretending to be a man has been sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

Gayle Newland created multiple "disturbingly complex" online personas to achieve her own "bizarre sexual satisfaction", Manchester Crown Court heard.

The "deceitful and crafty" 27-year-old used one fake identity to create a Facebook account and pose as a half-Filipino half-Latino man called Kye Fortune.

Over a two year period, Newland developed an online relationship with the victim, also in her 20s, under this name.

She lowered her voice when they spoke on the phone and used pictures of an American man on her Facebook page to give 'Kye' a physical identity.

And when the pair eventually met up, Newland told the victim to wear a blindfold because she was insecure about her appearance.

The victim only discovered she was having sex with Newland, and not her boyfriend 'Kye', when she took off the mask during one of their 15 sexual encounters.

Sentencing Newland today, Judge David Stockdale QC said the offences demonstrate "an extraordinary degree of cunning and a chilling desire to manipulate and control the lives of others".

Newland grabbed hold of the dock's glass panels and screamed 'no' when her sentence was read.

Shaking her head and crying, the 27-year-old looked up at family members in the public gallery, who shouted words of comfort and blew kisses.

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