This dad managed to film the wrong girl during daughter’s graduation



It’s your graduation, you have studied for years and it has all led up to this moment.

You’ve paid out for a new dress, the gown is on and you’re walking down the aisle with your classmates.

But then it’s all over, and you wish you could do the entire thing again.

Not to worry – dad has got the whole thing on camera. Or has he?

Unfortunately not, or at least that was the case for Georgia Wilde (after her dad filmed the wrong girl at her graduation).

Posting the video on Twitter, the student said: ‘My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the aisle at my graduation. Sums up my Dad!’

The video, which was filmed at the University of the West of England, has since been retweeted hundreds of times.

She added: ‘What’s ironic about this whole video is that I was graduating from a ‘filmmaking’ degree.’

In the video, Georgia’s dad can be heard saying: ‘Oh, I got carried away then!

‘I was looking at the wrong one, wasn’t I!’

Hundreds of commenters replied to the post, branding the dad ‘a legend’.

One said: ‘Your dad is too funny! Lucky girl!!’

Another said: ‘That was great! Your dad’s a keeper hahaaa Congratulations!’

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