Terrifying mum gives up buying meat from supermarkets to hunt wild animals



A mother who stopped shopping at supermarkets in favour of shooting animals for food has won internet fame.

Lisa Taylor has boasted of her array of guns and revealed the foxes and other animals she has killed.

The Surrey mum, who poses with dead deer among other creatures, then shows her thousands of followers how to cook them.

The hunter has 15,000 Facebook likes and has been posting the dead animals for several years.

In one post she wrote: ‘I’m a girl who hunts and cooks. This is my way of meat shopping.’

Managing a deer park, Lisa claims that her method of killing them is kinder than factory farms.

But much to the anger of many Facebook users she also shoots foxes with her £1,200 night vision weapon.

Claiming it’s to protect her farm animals, Lisa also feeds the foxes’ flesh to her female goshawk.

She wrote in one post: ‘For some of the people not understanding the fact that I do not waste anything I shoot.
‘I eat most things other than fox. But here is a video of my goshawk eating a fox cub!

‘So no nothing gets wasted. So before you judge and say I kill for the sake of it.

‘It’s part of my job and also something I enjoy doing. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing it.

‘But everything that is shot is taken home and either eaten by me or by my goshawk.

However, charity group Peta have hit back and told the Daily Star they think Lisa’s action are ‘callous’.

They added she was ‘clearly desperate for attention’.

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