See the Woman Who Confessed that She Breastfeeds Her Baby While Having S*x (Photos)



Tasha Maile breastfeeding her two children

A controversial mummy vlogger and breastfeeding champion who previously confessed to that she had sometime ago had s*x while breastfeeding her baby has found herself in serious trouble.

According to Dailymail, the woman identified as Tasha Maile, a mother of three sparked an online debate thanks to her very outspoken YouTube videos, one of which saw her reveal how she breastfed while having s*x.

Tasha told The Sun: “From what I remember, I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have s*x from behind or something.

“There’s nothing bad about making love at all, ever.”

The controversial vlogger says in a follow up video to defended her actions to her critics that her three-month-old son would not allow her to put him down, so she was with him all the time.

Tasha said the couple would make love while their baby was sleeping next to them or on her.

Critics had posted on the previous video, which has now racked up more than three million views, condemning the mother for her decision.

One said: “How can you be turned on when your child is nursing…?! I agree with her that sex is important and natural, but come on, not while you are feeding your baby! Wait a few minutes! ”

Another chipped in: “I wouldn’t want my children to be watching me and my husband make love that [sic] extremely personal.”

But not all were so critical. One user said: “She’s so open and in touch with herself. It’s beautiful to see somebody like that. I’ve always been much too worried what other people think and repressed. ”

Another said: “Completely natural and normal. I have no idea how some brainwashed people can see it as a disgusting thing. ”

A video posted in November 2016 shows Tasha squirming in pain as her older son, Josiah, accidentally pushes his chin into her breast.

After telling him to move, the little boy readjusts his position and continues feeding. His little brother Soul, now two, feeds alongside him.

Another shows her stopping a work-out to breastfeed her children. In the clip, she says: 'Here I am feeding my three-year-old and one-year-old in the middle of a workout – sometimes annoying that you got to stop a work out, but us mothers do what we have to do.

'We are all in this together, happy to share with you all!'

Maile's videos sparked debate about the correct age to stop breastfeeding, with many detractors suggesting that it isn't the nursing they have a problem with, more the posting of the videos on YouTube.

Maile, who has breast implants, has constantly defended putting her sons on social media, saying: 'What other people what say is 100 per cent to do with them and not with you.

'I listen to them [critics] and don't things too perfectly any more. I feel compassion for them.'

One mother viewing the video deemed the footage 'incestuous', stating: 'I find this video very disturbing. She wants viewers to believe this is a natural mother and child bonding while breastfeeding.

'However from the start this doesn’t appear to be natural but incestuous. Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding. However this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between other and child.'

On Facebook, comments about the tandem feeding video generally had a negative tone.

Elisha Himli wrote: 'Breastfeed all ya want. Do it wherever ya want. Sitting next to me in a restaurant...I don't care. But posting pictures on social media? Sorry... going too far.'

Danielle Lee said the videos were about far more than breastfeeding, saying: 'This isn't just about woman breastfeeding. People have taken it way too far.

'I breastfed my kids and didn't need to put it out there for the world to see. And I'm sorry her kids are to old to be still feeding this way and she deserves the criticism she gets.'

Emily Anderson Roarks agreed, saying: 'She can at least pump the milk and they drink it out of a cup... I'm all for breastfeeding but this is just too much.'

Dezi Donovan added: 'What is the point in posting this? Breastfeeding is personal and should be treated as such. (Six years old is a tad bit old to be breastfed. I'm thinking that's more for her benefit than the child's at that age.)'

However, amidst the criticism there are some supporters. Madeleine Ellisman wrote: 'That's what I've always told my kids. Cows milk IS for calves and breastmilk is for humans!

'And good for her for nursing her kids till she and they are ready to wean. Her kids will be super healthy as will she.'

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