See How Woman Narrowly Saved Baby From Being Crushed by Lorry in Broad Daylight



A video has shown how a lorry came inches from flattening a mother with her baby in a pushchair on a zebra crossing.

Footage taken on another driver’s dashcam shows the heart-stopping moment the HGV passed by them. The mother instinctively pulled the buggy back, with the alternative only too easy to picture.

She was crossing the road alongside two others when the incident happened.

The driver of the car beeped the group, apparently to warn them, as the lorry came driving down the road past him.

Suddenly, the lorry almost clips the child’s buggy and the driver in the other car can be heard gasping.

But the lorry still does not slow down and continues to hurtle past.

According to Metro UK, it happened in the city of Rostov on Don in south-western Russia’s Rostov Oblast region.

The video has been widely shared in Russia, with many saying the driver was irresponsible.

One user, ‘Maks’, posted: ‘What a moron, imagine if there was an animal instead, you would have run it over. You should burn in hell. Hate you and your recklessness.”

However, others claimed: ‘I think pedestrians are the ones to blame for the situation.

‘The driver couldn’t have seen them and this pedestrian crossing is unregulated.

‘It seems that these guys did not even check the road when they started moving.’

Watch the video below:

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