Passengers have to strap down drunken Russian flier



This is the disturbing moment a drunken airline passenger covered in his own blood had to be restrained by fellow travellers.

The distressing clip is said to have been filmed on a Red Wings flight from Russian capital Moscow to Antalya, Turkey.

Footage shows the disorientated man yelling and punching the seat in front of him as blood trickles down his face onto his shirt, arms and jeans.

At this point a child seated in the row in front can be seen moving nervously towards her mother.

The video cuts to the man being restrained by other passengers who place him on his back and tie his hands together with a seat belt from behind.

Bizarrely a woman in the window seat next to the unidentified man remains in her seat staring out of the window, seemingly undisturbed by the screaming passenger.

According to reports in Russia, cabin crew tried and failed to calm the drunk passenger down and resorted to restraining him.

When the plane eventually reached its destination, police were waiting for the bloodied man on the tarmac, reports RMF Maxxx.

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