Mystery woman ‘crying through people’s letterboxes in the middle of the night’



A woman spent the night crying through the letterboxes of residents on a small road.

And, naturally, they have been left terrified.

Some fear they are being targeted in a new plot to burgle homes in Kirkby, Merseyside.

Police were called by a number of people living in Burnard Crescent following reports of a woman shouting through letterboxes between 2am and 5am on July 15.

One resident said they were concerned that the woman was part of a ploy, and if they answered the door someone would ‘barge in’ and burgle them.

Another said she ‘no longer feels safe’ in her home.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Bec Edmunds said: ‘Someone was knocking at my door but I ignored it. I woke up and my back gate was open.

‘The old lady living over the road said the same thing happened but a lady was crying at hers saying she had no money.

‘It’s awful. Knowing that this lady came to mine is scary. I feel like she’s going to come back and knowing she went through my back gate is even worse’.

Another woman wrote on Facebook: ‘Around 2am on Friday morning we heard banging on our door but I was too scared to go down.

‘I stopped my boyfriend going down because I was shaking. You just don’t expect it.’

Merseyside Police said: ‘We received a call from a lady telling us that her mother who lives in Kirkby, had been disturbed in the early hours of the morning by a woman who knocked on her front door for over an hour.

‘The woman was shouting “help me, let me in, I’ve got nowhere to go” but the lady didn’t let the woman in.’ has contacted Merseyside Police for further comment.

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