Mother is left with a 'beard' of angry red scars after a clinician put too much ACID in a chemical face peel



A mother has been left with a beard of angry red scars after a clinic put too much acid in a chemical face peel.

Mary Hope, 42, was left with scars similar to victims of acid attacks after she went for a facial at a Birmingham beauty parlour.

The mother-of-four has been awarded £130,000 compensation after suffering three years of bullying for the permanent damage caused to her following the treatment.

The distraught mother-of-four said she had no idea the beautician had never carried out an Obagi chemical peel before.

But instead of eradicating her acne scars, she was left with permanent damage to her cheeks and chin.

Mrs Hope - who had been an outgoing fun-loving woman - endured 18 months of wearing a plastic compression mask almost 24 hours a day to limit the damage.

She found herself cruelly taunted in public and barely left her house for years.

When she bravely returned to work as a primary school teacher she had to reassure her shocked young pupils 'don't be scared, it's only me'.

Three years on, Mrs Hope was awarded £130,000 compensation - but had to promise she wouldn't reveal the name of the company responsible.

It now has dozens of branches across the UK and the clinic she visited still carries out the treatment.

And while the number of patients going under the knife in Britain is declining, cheaper non-invasive procedures like peels are more popular than ever.

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