Mel B splashes thousands to silence former nanny who 'caused marriage break-up'


Desperate Mel B ​has spent ­thousands of pounds on legal fees in a bid to shut her former nanny.

The former Spice Girl’s legal team have filed five motions urging a judge to dismiss the libel case taken out by Lorraine Gilles.

Mel, 42, alleged Lorraine was one of the main causes of the breakdown of her marriage to movie producer Stephen Belafonte .

She claimed the 25-year-old German blonde had an affair with her husband and an abortion after he got her pregnant .

Lorraine denies the claims and took legal action. Now Mel’s team are urging Judge Dalila Lyons​ to rule the case null and void at Los Angeles Superior Court,Daily Mirror reports.

The action is expected to have cost her tens of thousands of pounds in fees.But the move could save her millions if the judge rules in favour of the former Scary Spice.

The aggressive fightback from Mel comes as she struggles with mounting debts and tax demands. It has been revealed she has blown her £38million Spice Girls fortune.

An LA legal source told Daily Mirror

“Mel has spent thousands of pounds on lawyers to try and shut down the nanny.“The paperwork of over 400 pages is costing her big, but demonstrates how she is determined to not let this case go ahead.

“She knows a full-blown trial could cost her vast amounts in legal fees alone. If she loses it would be unthinkable for her financial status.”

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