Knife-wielding man tells police he wants to "kill Asian b******* who blew us up" to avenge Manchester Arena attack



A knife-wielding man was jailed after he was caught threatening to "kill Asian bit****" in revenge for the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.

On June 7, Christopher Gordon, 33, was seen with a knife and his face hidden with a balaclava in a park in south Manchester, which is heavily populated by the Asian community. As he brandished the knife, he made threats to kill Asians, and only dropped the weapon when an officer threatened to taser him...

The female police officer was able to foil his deadly plot after a jogger who saw him told the officer that "there’s a man down there with a knife wearing a balaclava".

Gordon, who works as a cleaner, was sentenced to 22 months by a judge who said the tragic and horrendous attack in Birchfields Park was no justification for his behaviour. The court was told Gordon dropped the knife but as he was arrested, said:

“I’m f****** sick of these b******* bombing our country, they need to be sorted out.”

Minutes earlier Gordon had phoned 999 and told the operator that he would "kill somebody" if police did not come and get him. He told them he was in Birchfields Park, that he had a black mask on and a knife, and said he was "going to kill the b******* who f****** blew us up".

Gordon later admitted making threats to kill and possessing a bladed article. He, however, denied being racist, said he had friends of different colours and that he did not plan to kill anybody. His defence barrister, Gwen Henshaw, said his action was because crises in his own life and the crisis in the city coincided, leaving him "confused, muddled and grief-stricken". She said he is horrified by his actions and doesn't quite know how he found himself in the park.

He was jailed as a court heard that racially-motivated hate crimes increased four-fold in the month following the May 22 terror attack which left 22 people dead, Mirror reports.

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