King of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian reveals he's in his first monogamous relationship


Who says players don't fall inlove! King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian has revealed he's in his first monogamous relationship.

The 38-year-old poker player who is known for cavorting with busty, scantily-clad models on his Instagram account that now boasts 22.6million followers,is now dating mode Sofia Bevarly, who is 16 years younger than him.

He told Square Mile magazine :
"Yeah. Got a girlfriend. First time. Well, I had a girlfriend before, but I was still f**king other girls."
Though he went on to admit he had slept with three girls the day he met her at a pool party.

Wasn’t exactly your storybook love at first sight. I think I f**ked like three girls before her that day.
"We just started hanging out… She’s just a little different, you know? She’s smart, she’s cool, and she liked a lot of the shit I like. So here we are."He added: "A girl has to be super-hot now for me to be even semi-interested. You just get pickier. I think that’s true of everything. Money, toys, girls – all the hedonistic stuff. You just raise the bar.”

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