"I'm rich" Blac Chyna taunts Rob Kardashian by flashing the $250k diamond gifts he gave her and posing with another man dressed in his robe


Rob Kardashian called out Blac Chyna for cheating on him and sending him video evidence just a day after he gifted her expensive jewellery worth over $250k. But Chyna seemed unrepentant as she taunted her 30-year-old baby daddy by posting photos of her posing with the diamond-encrusted jewelry, on social media .

In a series of posts including a live Instagram story, Chyna flashed the expensive gifts on her hands while twisting her hands to the lyrics of Drake's rap track.
Some of track lyrics heard are: "Don't listen to the lies, I swear they all lies".

The lyrics were obviously aimed at Rob after he accused her of cheating on him despite the fact that he bought her all she owns, including the house in which she poses with different men, luxury cars and expensive jewellery.

As though that were not bad enough, she also took a photo with fashion designer Shane Justin who was dressed in Rob's robe. Rob disclosed that the robe was his and said that Chyna has been giving it to several of her alleged lovers.

On a photo of Chyna with two friends that was re-posted by TheShadeRoom, Rob commented:

"Wait so I bought the purple Versace robe and I also bought the robe the dude in the middle is wearing. The same robe that Chyna gave to another dude who f***ed her in my bed haha this is wild."He continued:

"Chyna really just be giving dudes my robe day after day that's wild. That robe was just in the dirty laundry lol see next post for dude with my robe again in her bed lol. "

He then shared a photo of another guy called Ferrari wearing the same robe in Chyna's house that Rob paid for.

Chyna went on to post another live Instagram story where she was writhing around on her Versace bed covers. This time, she didn't say anything but the rap track Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, could be heard playing loudly as she flashed a peek of her underwear. The lyrics are about a woman who doesn't need to strip anymore. It goes this way:

"Look, I don't dance now/I make money moves/Say I don't gotta dance/I make money move. And I just checked my accounts/ Turns out, I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich/ I put my hand above my hip/ I bet you dip, he dip, she dip/ I say I get the money and go".

Below is one of the Instagram videos of her flaunting the jewellery.

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