Homeless man who tried to end his life is now a millionaire



Mylo Kaye has bounced back from rock bottom in a spectacular way.

Unemployed and living in a hostel after losing his job, the 30-year-old even attempted to kill himself as his future looked bleak.

But after turning his life around he is now a millionaire businessman who set up a successful digital business.

Mylo, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, got caught up in the party scene after being promoted to a senior techincal role with Telewest in Liverpool, and ended up losing his job.

He told the Liverpool Echo: ‘I was still only 20 and I did all the things I probably shouldn’t. I went out all the time, was drinking alcohol, doing drugs.

‘I thought it was an exciting time, I was having fun, and I thought ‘this is my money, I’m going to spend it’.

‘I had a good relationship with everyone at work and in my mind, naively I thought they wouldn’t mind if I didn’t go in for a few days every now and then. My judgement was completely impaired.’

After more than a year living in the hostel, Mylo used computers at Birkenhead Central Library to apply for a community college access course.

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