Fans' fury at Adele's 'zero work ethic' after star cancels shows because of damaged vocal cords


Fans have expressed their fury on social media after Adele cancelled two London concerts at the last minute, costing many people hundreds of pounds.

Some fans have said that she 'has zero work ethic' and that it was greedy booking the extra dates if actually performing at them was beyond her capability.

On Friday, the 'heartbroken' 29-year-old singer said in an emotional post that she was forced to cancel the gigs this weekend.

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Chris wrote about his disappointment on Twitter that the concert was cancelled

Eli took to Twitter to call the pop princess 'weak' because she was sick and cancelled the show

And Miguel Leon sarcastically congratulated the singer for annoying 200,000 people

On Friday, the 'heartbroken' 29-year-old singer Adele said in an emotional post that she was forced to cancel the gigs this weekend to the disapointment of thousands of fans

The combined audience was approximately 100,000 at Wembley stadium.

The Grammy-award winner said she was 'desperate' to play the concerts - which she dubbed a 'milestone' in her career - as she pleaded with fans to forgive her.

But some of those fans still feel too bruised by the news to forgive her yet.

Chris Toon wrote on Twitter that it was 'disgusting' and questioned whether he would be reimbursed for travel and hotel costs.

Sharna agreed that the additional costs like travel and accommodation were a problem too

Andy wrote that refunding tickets was not enough as costs incurred by fans are not refundable

Sally wrote on Twitter that compassion should be shown to the people who had paid hundreds to go to the concert and said that she could understand their anger

And Tash Carr wrote on Facebook that she and her five-year-old boy were 'gutted' and had been excited about the concert since December.

Adele had originally been scheduled to play on Friday and Saturday, but added extra dates due to high demand.

Ms Carr questioned whether adding these dates had cost her the chance to see the star.

'She added more dates...all before tonight's gig...Can't help but feel cheated that she wouldn't have strained her voice and we would've seen her.'

Jade said she was 'devastated' and asked what could be done about refunding expenses

J Stableski said sarcastically that a refund mattered to him because he doesn't have an estimated net worth of £125m - unlike the Grammy winner

Tracey Davies wrote on Twitter that she was upset to miss the concert and even more upset to lose the £400 she had paid to book a hotel room in London specially for the event

'The added dates got to see her and we didn't. Just gutted she won't be touring anymore. Hey ho my son has a life lesson in disappointment. Just hope we get all money back from travel arrangements xx'

'I am gutted and so is my five-year-old boy who has been so excited since Christmas day when receiving his ticket! Obviously we love Adele and want her to recover...but can't help but feel a massive let down when we bought the tickets when she first released them,' Ms Carr said.

Jenny Khani wrote on Twitter that she had been excited to see the star perform since October

And Jenny Khani lamented the fact that she had waited since October to see the star perform.

Alison Roome wrote on Facebook: 'I'm absolutely gutted for myself and all the fans, her statement is heart breaking BUT had they ( Adele &whoever) stuck with the original 2 Wembley dates ( Friday & Saturday ) then there would not of been a problem, GREED on someones end has done this !!'

Andrew doubted the singer would refund expenses people incurred from travelling to London

Paul Doc agreed with many other people on social media that getting a ticket refund was fine but the real costs were not refundable - like transport, accommodation and time off work

Florian was disgruntled that information on refunds was not given sooner

Judith Leavy felt she should be refunded for the three hotel rooms she booked for the show

And Anne Crocker wrote: 'She has been rather greedy and rather over rated. Boring songs which she shouts wonder her voice broke...let's hope she gives up some of her cash for a worthy charitable cause and refunds money appropriately.'

Lee Stonehouse suggested that she should have turned up for the concert even if she was unable to sing.

Heartbroken: The 29-year-old said on Friday that doctors forced her to cancel the two gigs to a reported 100,000 audience at the London venue

'Still turn up, talk to your fans, IF its your so called last tour maybe you should give them the satisfaction of just being there still..after all they pay your wages..,' Lee wrote.

Viki Anderson Cooper wrote: 'Never understood her huge popularity & why people fall for the 'she's so grounded & just one of us' crap. She's an attention seeking diva with a foul mouth & zero class. Feel sorry for those who have booked travel, hotels etc.'

And Andrew G. Dick even criticised the star's work ethic.

'Plus zero work ethic. Many artists perform well into their 60s/70s whilst wouldn't dream of letting their fans down,' he wrote.

Distraught: The Someone Like You singer then begged for her fans' forgiveness as she apologised repeatedly for ruining their plans

Marina Browning also said: 'And there's Green Day, doing a huge gig in Hyde Park today after at least 6 months of touring the world. In other words, man up woman!!!'

Although ticket holders are entitled to a refund, many people had to come to London specifically for the concert, with travel and accommodation already paid for.

Some people suggested online that these people should be entitled to compensation for these costs too.

The end: 'I'm sorry for the time and money you've spent organising your trips. You know I would not make this decision lightly,'Adele said

Gill Mulroe wrote: 'Don't mean to bash her and great that there is a refund for fans but what about all the expenses people have paid for that they cannot get a refund on such as hotels and travel?? she should have some kind of insurance against this and I am sure she will but she should refund all out of pocket expenses!!'

Ian J Fudge wrote: 'My friends who were flying down from Glasgow are pretty disappointed - lost a fortune in flights and hotel.'

The singer had just suggested that her touring days may be over at a concert in London just hours before she cancelled the two dates.

Some people suggested that perhaps she had already decided to quit touring and did not want to finish the extra concerts.

Kathleen Cleaver wrote: 'So she puts out a letter saying she's stopping touring then all of a sudden she's cancelling shows . It just seems like she wants to stop now and can't be bothered.'

Even a dying woman was 'gutted' after her dream to see Adele at Wembley was shattered.

Terminally-ill grandmother Lisa Middleton, 49, went from heaven to hell in the space of 48 hours.

Justine Nield (L) and Lisa Middlecote (R) with VIP Adele tickets. Terminally ill grandmother Lisa was devastated when the singer cancelled as it may have been her last chance to see her live

On Thursday kind-hearted builder Liam Walsh paid for her and her sister Justine Nield to see the star.

He offered her the tickets after hearing that Lisa had paid £440 for two Adele tickets, but it was a scam and she lost her money.

Liam, of Maidstone-based MyHome Installations, gave Lisa a pair of tickets he had for Adele's concert at Wembley last night.

She and Justine excitedly prepared to travel from the home they share in Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent.

But their dreams dissolved when Adele scrapped the gig because of her worn-out vocal chords.

Lisa has now been told that she might only have months to live, and Adele has mentioned giving up live performances and moving to America, so the dying gran fears she will never see her idol.

Justine, 45, said Lisa was 'utterly gutted'.

'I just can't believe it - it just seems we are jinxed' she said.

Revealing he'd given Lisa his tickets on Thursday, kind-hearted Liam said: 'We had bought some VIP tickets for the concert and thought it would be a nice thing to do seeing as she's obviously been ripped off and she's also ill.'

The tickets came with lavish extras including luxury seating in the exclusive Bobby Moore club, pre-concert drinks and champagne, an evening meal and invitations to a post-show after party where they could meet Adele.

On Friday an emotional Lisa said 'I've got a smile from ear-to-ear, unbelievable, unbelievable.

'It's absolutely colossal, I can't believe there are such kind people out there. I'm completely dumbfounded, it's absolutely amazing.'

Cancer sufferer Lisa wanted to create 'a lasting memory gift' the two sisters could share as she has only months to live.

The mum-of-two paid £440 only to find she had been 'conned' by events website,, who are now being investigated.

Lisa found the site after another patient at a chemotherapy session searched for tickets on her phone when Lisa told how seeing Adele in concert was on her 'bucket list'.

The grandmother-of-one, whose favourite Adele song is Hello, was devastated after realising it was all a scam and felt she had let Justine down.

Lisa paid for the tickets from her disability allowance - she suffers from small cell lung cancer, a variation of the disease which spreads quicker than others.

Several online forums include mentions of by a number of disappointed customers who also say they have lost money by buying tickets that have never arrived.

The website, which has since disappeared from the internet, is currently being investigated by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and West Mercia Police.

It was the first time Lisa had bought online and she thought the site was legitimate because the tickets cost so much.

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