Ex-Spanish King Juan Carlos Has Had 5,000 Lovers And Even Tried His Luck With Princess Diana, New Book Claims



As King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain are in the UK for a state visit, explosive new claims have erupted about the sexual life of his father, the former King of Spain. The new revelations claim ex-King Juan Carlos is a sex addict who has had hundreds of relationships even after marrying Queen Sofia, Felipe's mother.

These claims were made in a new book compiled by a retired high-ranking Spanish Army officer. The book claims that between 1976 and 1994, Juan Carlos slept with 2,154 women. As he got older, the number of women reduced but were still a lot. Between 2005 to 2014, when he was aged between 67 and 76, the book says he slept with 191 different lovers. His promiscuity continued after he married his wife, the then Princess Sofia of Greece and Denmark. This allegedly caused him to become estranged from her, though it seems they eventually sorted out their issues because they are still married.

There are rumours that the late Princess Diana is one of the young ladies he tried to have a sexual relationship with. Spanish socialite Pilar Eyre wrote that the then king had made a "tactile" advance on Diana during a holiday the Princess and Prince Charles spent with their sons and the Spanish royals on Majorca in 1986. Eyre also claimed Juan Carlos had slept with 1,500 women. But the new allegations made by the Spanish Army officer are more shocking because of the staggering number of women. The new book, Juan Carlos I: The King of 5,000 Lovers, was written by Amadeo Martínez Ingles and will be published in September. It claims he was already a Casanova before marrying the King of Greece’s daughter in 1962. They have remained married but their relationship was fraught with a lot of problems caused by his philandering ways.

Juan Carlos became King in 1975, 13 years into his marriage, but was allegedly found by his Queen in a compromising position with actress Sara Montiel a year later. This allegedly caused him to become estranged from his wife. Montiel denies having an affair with the ex-king. For years it has been an open secret in royal circles in Madrid that Juan Carlos is a keen womaniser and the only woman he does not spend much time with is his wife. His alleged lovers include Barbara Rey, a former Miss World contestant and Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German philanthropist. Rey is alleged to have received $3m (£2.8m, $3.5m) from the Spanish secret service to deny the affair. She says she has not received such a payment.

Martinez Ingles, now a military historian and essayist, describes the explosive book about Juan Carlos as the "true story of an amoral King, unscrupulous, shameless, ambitious, authoritarian, authentic sexual predator" who "has had thousands of sexual adventures". The book goes on to suggest that he "might have left behind him more than 20 of his own children". There has been a paternity claim from the 47-year-old daughter of Belgian governess Liliane Sartiau but it was dismissed by the court in 2015.

Martinez Ingles claims Juan Carlos took his first lover at 16 and was aged 66 when he took his last mistress. He also said he knows about Juan Carlos’s bed-hopping and all the women he's slept with because his late father, Franco, had all of his intelligence services spying on his son and they were required to give him feedback on anything his son was doing within two minutes. It was known whom he was sleeping with, when, where and even the names of the girls he was with. The spying continued even after Franco’s death.

Ingles says Juan Carlos' son, King Felipe has not followed in his father's footsteps. He said he has had only official girlfriends but stopped the moment he got married to Queen Letizia.

"He has not had any nocturnal adventures, only official girlfriends. And absolutely not since he married. He doesn’t dare because (his wife) Letizia wears the royal trousers," Ingles said speaking of King Felipe and Queen Letizia's marriage.

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