Disgusting moment a huge amount of wax is pulled from woman's ear with a syringe



A truly revolting video has emerged of the moment a woman has a mound of ear wax pulled from the inside of her ear.

The footage, uploaded to the YouTube channel Earwax Specialist begins with the brown-haired woman sitting in a chair.

The woman, whose nationality is unknown, waits patiently while a doctor armed with an instrument wrenches the wax from her right ear.

Disgusting moment huge ear wax build up removed from woman's ear

A disgusting video of a woman having ear wax removed has emerged online on YouTube by channel Earwax Specialist

The woman waits while a doctor uses an instrument to wrench the wax out

The three-minute video, not for the faint hearted, captures the ghastly procedure where it was immediately greeted with revulsion by viewers.

As the doctor twists and turns the tool, he navigates its way around the outter crust of the clump of built up wax, before an abnormally large cluster breaks free from the cavity.
Within a matter of six hours over 750 viewers took time to express their reactions to the gross content.

While many were quick to point out the sincere displeasure they faced after watching the horrifying recording others pointed out the difference in her hearing she must have felt afterward.

The three-minute video of the procedure has been watched close to 3 million times

One user humourously commented: 'Sorry, I have half a tin of peanut butter in my ear.'

Bodily secretions have gained a bizarre following online, with 'Dr Pimple Popper' attracting millions of views with her ghoulish extraction of pimples and blackheads recorded and uploaded to Youtube.

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