Brides-to-be left without dresses after bridal shop abruptly files for bankruptcy



Thousands of brides-to-be will not be receiving their dream wedding dresses after learning Thursday of the abrupt, nationwide closing of the Alfred Angelo bridal shop chain.

Women and their families flocked to the company's location in northwest Harris County and were told any wedding dress ordered after May would not be delivered and that no refunds would be given because the chain filed for bankruptcy.

That was tough news for all -- including bride-to-be Claudia Mungia.

"My sister gave me a thousand dollars as a wedding gift, and now I'm out a thousand dollars," Mungia said through tears. "She's a teacher and teachers don't get paid a lot."

Mungia's sister told Channel 2 of the day she gave her the money.

"I was thinking of something special to give her," Irene Herrera said. "I called her over to my house and I told my husband, 'You stay over there,' because I want this to be from me. For my little sister."

Most of the women said they learned of the closing from a popular bride-to-bride Facebook page. No notifications or phone calls from the store.

Neither the store's corporate nor local managers would comment, but the customers in northwest Harris County said they were told they could pick from the limited supply of dresses still in the store.

"What I did was came in here and got a dress," Brooklyn Trahan said. "I really just took a dress off the rack and said I can try to resell it and get some money back."

Still, unless they were able to find a gown to suffice, they'll have to look for that special dress all over again.

"Where am I going to get a thousand dollars?" Mungia said. "Down the drain. They just went down the drain."

Alfred Angelo abruptly closed more than 60 of its stores nationwide.

Customers said they have been told to contact the attorneys who are handling the company's bankruptcy.

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