Boy, 15, left blind in one eye after being ‘stabbed with pen at school’



A schoolboy has been left permanently blind in one eye after allegedly being stabbed with a pen by another student.

Haydn Smith had been playing football Malling School in East Malling, Kent, when he was reportedly approached by a boy with a pen.

The 15-year-old was then struck in the eye and left in agony, his mum, Michelle, told Metro.

Following the incident, the teenager was forced to undergo a three hour operation in a bid to save his eye.

However doctors later revealed that the pen had severely damaged the retina – meaning Haydn would never regain his sight in his left eye.

Speaking to Metro, Michelle said: ‘Haydn was repeatedly bullied by a group of boys and in April a child stabbed him in the eye with a pen.

‘His eye was bleeding from inside and he couldn’t open it. The whole of his eye was black.

‘He is not good. He isn’t even a shadow of his former self. He has no confidence.

‘He won’t leave the house and has panic attacks. Little things we take for granted like crossing the road have become a lot harder.

‘At first we didn’t realise Haydn had gone blind.

‘We were travelling from Kent to London to visit the hospital twice a week.

‘Then after three weeks we were told there was nothing they could do. A CT scan revealed the pen had gone through the eye and damaged the retina.

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