American father of boy, six, says Trump saved Charlie Gard



The father of a six-year-old boy treated by the same US doctor offering to help Charlie Gard said today: 'If my son was in the UK he'd be dead'.

Art Estopinan, from Baltimore, claims Donald Trump 'saved' ten-month-old Charlie by offering him free care because his doctors were about to switch off his life support.

Mr Estopinan's son Art Jr was given two months to live in 2011 and could only move his eyes but six years later he can move his hands, fingers, feet and arms and is a 'strong and happy boy'.
He appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain and was involved in a row with the show's GP Dr Hilary Jones who said the cases were different, adding: 'Sometimes real parental love is letting go'.

A furious Mr Estopinan said: 'Charlie Gard is a human being who deserves the chance to live', adding: 'What right do you have to play God? What this guy is saying is false - you sir are 100 per cent wrong'.

Charlie Gard would need Great Ormond Street doctors to waive their legal ban won in London and Strasbourg to allow him to fly to America for treatment.

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