Teen whose boyfriend couldn't make it to prom wore him on her shoes



Talk about a loyal girlfriend. A high school teenager found out that her boyfriend will be unavailable on prom night so, rather than go with someone else, she decided to go with a reminder of him - sort of.

Austen McGowan, lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, while her boyfriend is in college at the University of Texas at Austin. The pair had a long distance relationship making it impossible for him to be there on her special night. Ahead of prom, Austen designed a pair of customized Vans with her boyfriend's face and initials on it. This she wore with her black sequin gown.

Austen took a photo of herself on prom night and shared the photo on Twitter then explained:

“My man is out chasing his dreams in Texas so he couldn’t make it to prom but I had to make him a part of it somehow."
Needless to say, the tweet and photo caught attention on social media and quickly went viral. Twitter users fell in love with the outfit, with fans saying that her boyfriend “needs to propose” to her because of what she did. Apart from her boyfriend's photo, Austen's shoes also had the Hook ‘Em symbol which was a double tribute to her man and his team.

“There was no way I was taking someone else,” Austen told Yahoo Style. “I truly wanted him to be there for my prom because he did not have one himself.”She added:

“He plays basketball at UT Austin, so I picked a picture of him doing something he loves also representing where he is at. He helped me pick a picture to design the shoe with. When it is time for basketball season, I’ll wear them to his games. Come prom day, when he saw it all together he loved it.”
She says she intends to continue along that line and has made a new handmade shirt that also has his face on it.

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