Talking to Remy Ma? Nicki goes savage on her haters just before she struts into her private jet


Nicki Minaj shared a video on her Instagram page where she called out haters while standing within view of a private jet. Dressed in all pink with a weave that extends to her legs, the rapper informed that she was travelling to Prague then took a dig at her haters saying they do not even know how to spell Prague.

She said: "Attention, this is how bad bitches leave London and go to Prague. You bitches can't even spell Prague."

Having said that, she turned and strutted towards her private jet. She twirled once just before she waved to the air stewardess then boarded the private jet. Posting the video to Instagram, she captioned it:

"My only regret is not having on all my frozen water. But I had just gotten off an 8 hour flight. I was lettin y'all live . NY to London. London to P R A G U E. For the record; dats how ya spell it. #QueenTing #BalenciagaBarbie #ChanelBootBarbie I see both sides."It is believed that Nicki Minaj, 34, was calling out her arch enemy, Remy Ma, 37, considering that the video came just after Remy shocked fans at New York's Summer Jam Festival when she yelled "'f***' Nicki" as she stormed off the stage.

Watch the video below
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