Pub landlord is arrested for 'beating his wife to the floor in a bar' after 'CCTV of the incident' was posted to his Facebook page with the caption 'lol'



A pub landlord has been arrested after allegedly attacking his spouse at a bar - with CCTV footage later appearing on his Facebook page with the caption 'wife sorted lol'.

Tim Sheahan, 42, was sat down drinking at the bar at 11.21am on Sunday, June 18 when he appeared to get into an argument with another man.

CCTV footage taken from inside The Field bar in Neasden, northwest London, later showed him put his hands on the man inside the venue.

Mr Sheahan, who is the landlord of the pub, then walked behind the bar before he headed towards a group of men and a scuffle broke out.

A number of men could be seen grabbing each other on the footage and bar stools and Mr Sheahan both ended up on the floor.

The CCTV footage then showed Mr Sheahan allegedly grab a woman - believed to be his wife Jurgita Janusauskiene - and drag her around the other side of the bar.

Ms Janusauskiene was then left sitting on the floor after Mr Sheahan walked off. It is not known how or why the CCTV footage was posted on his Facebook page.

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