Piers Morgan to interview Amber Rose after Twitter spat over nude photo


Piers Morgan has insisted he'd love to interview Amber Rose on Good Morning Britain about feminism, after their Twitter spat.

It all started when Amber proudly displayed her naked body on Instagram, saying it was "for feminism".

Speaking to Mirror TV, he ranted:

"It's not feminism to put a naked picture up of yourself."That's bulls**t. If a man did that, he'd be arrested.

"Feminism is about being successful in what you do, it's not about posting nude pictures.

"They're all at it, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkoswki and now Amber Rose, and they all try and con people into thinking it's about feminist empowerment.

"That's not why Emmeline Pankhurst fought for women to have the vote.

"I think if you asked Emmeline now she wouldn't say top of the list of things I want women to do is get your kit off on Twitter to millions of impressionable girls who are then led to believe the only way to be successful is to strip naked to millions of people on Twitter.

"It's bulls**t, speaking as the father of a young girl.

After a BIG Twitter row,Amber asked to appear on Good Morning Britain.

She wrote:

"Have me on your show or you can come on mine so we can really hash this out @piersmorgan no love lost. You're entitled to your opinion."He replied:

"Done. I'll get my people to talk to your people. Just don't bottle it like @ ladygaga."
And Piers has now confirmed that interview really could happen.He told Mirror:

"I'd love to do that interview, it would be fun.
"I do think it could happen, although Lady Gaga promised me one and then bottled it."

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