Photos: Tears of joy as separated conjoined twins are discharged after over two years stay in Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya



Blessing and Favour were discharged on Thursday, June 15th, after staying in Kenyatta National Hospital receiving specialized medical care for two and a half years.

The discharge has been informed by a sequence of medical review of the twins by a multidisciplinary team for seven months after the major surgery performed on November 1st, 2016, recommended that the children are in good health for integration with the community..

While seeing the children off, KNH CEO Lily Koros Tare, said that the separation of the twins joins the list of successful specialized surgeries KNH has carried that have continued to transform lives of patients through Kidney transplants, open heart surgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery and managing pre-term babies just to mention but a few.

She noted that the success of the surgery and full recovery of the children can only be attributed to the improved healthcare infrastructure and provision of specialized equipment by the government. The CEO acknowledged the public message of goodwill, prayers and patience for the period the medical team was preparing the conjoined babies for surgery.

“We wish to thank Kenyans for their support of good will and prayers and assure that the children have achieved remarkable improvement after the surgery and are ready to integrate with other children in the community”She said
However, Koros noted that the children will remain under observation and close monitoring as outpatients until such a time when doctors are satisfied with their stable health.

An elated Ms. Caroline Mukiri, the twins mother was filled with joy as she begins a new life outside the Hospital that was home with her children for over two years. She thanked KNH management and the multidisciplinary team that was involved in the surgery and care of the twins during the period.
“I came in crying with sorrow but I am now leaving KNH with tears of joy” Said Ms. Mukri. More photos below...

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