Pharrell Willams invites young Leukemia patient to his concert, serenades him with 'Happy' on stage



American rapper and producer, Pharrell Willams made a young boy's dream come through by inviting him to his concert over the weekend and serenading him on stage with his hit song 'Happy'.

8-year-old Reef Carneson, who is a huge fan of Pharell suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has been in the hospital since he turned one. 

He has always dreamt of meeting the rapper someday.

Celebrity weed mogul and cancer advocate, Milk Tyson, introduced the two with Carneson asking for a FaceTime session with Pharrell.

Pharrell responded and invited Reef to his Saturday night show in Philadelphia.

Despite Reef's challenge to travel by air because his immune system is too weak, Pharrell hired a private car to drive him all the way from Cincinnati.

According to Milk, the rapper also lodged the young lad and his family in a 5-star hotel and got them tickets and backstage passes.

To make his day an unforgettable one Carneson and his sister got onstage with him to perform his song "Happy."

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