People Are Currently Getting Rid of Their Stress By Being Massaged With Knives (Photos)



People are getting rid of stress by being massaged by knives

Some people go for a nice walk outside. Some treat themselves to a face mask and a cup of tea.

Others, well, they let someone rub knives all over them as a way to relax.

Yeah, we’d go for the face mask and tea, too.

In Taipei, Taiwan, a woman names Hsiao Mei Fang has been offering knife massages for more than 30 years.

The treatment involves lying down and getting sharpened cleavers pressed in rhythmic motions over your body and face – with just a thin piece of material between your skin and the blade.
After sharpening her cleavers Fang pokes you with a stick to loosen up the blood vessels and circulation, before moving on to the knife massage itself.

Midway through the masseuse will make a burping sound, to spit out the bad energy they draw from the client.

Treatments start at around £30.

We can see how getting massaged with something heavy could be soothing (think of the pressure on those knots in your shoulder), but we aren’t entirely sure why that something heavy also needs to be sharp enough to kill us. The constant threat of death isn’t our idea of relaxing.
 ‘The treatment is originally from China and is 2500 years old,’ says Fang. ‘But here we have created an original and new knife therapy.

‘Everything has a Yin and a Yang, so instead of using one knife we use two – this represents the Yin and Yang.’

‘The massage changes the energy inside the person and makes them more relaxed.

‘The knife is specially made so it’s very safe. We wouldn’t use a kitchen knife to do this.’

Well, that’s good to know.

Fang says that knife massage is life-changing, and that after her customers experience it they quickly go and tell all their friends to try it.

‘A lot of people think it’s just for fun but people don’t realise this will change their lives,’ she says.

Via Metro UK

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