Nigerian mom sends email telling teachers her daughter is never going to do anymore homework and why


A Nigerian mum living in Canada shared an email she sent to her daughter's teachers, informing them that her daughter is totally done with homework.

In a lengthy post, Bunmi Laditan, who is a writer, explained the reason for her decision, stating that her daughter is unable to be a child because she has over two hours of homework each day.

She listed all the ways the excessive homework has affected her child, including chest pain and waking up by 4 a.m., anxious about her school workload.

After consulting a tutor and a therapist, Bunmi was told that her 10-year-old daughter needed to cut down on her workload to avoid anxiety and depression. The mother decided to not just cut down the homework but to cut it off completely.

The post was shared in April but only started going viral a few hours ago, including on foreign new sites. The post generated over 8,000 comments, over 76,000 reactions and was shared 21,827 times.

See the rest of Bunmi's argument against homework below.

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