Caught In The Act! Kris Jenner Accused Of Editing Sexy New Photo


Her daughter Khloe admitted she edits her photographs before posting them to her millions of followers.

And Kris Jenner has been accused of Photoshopping an Instagram snap when eagle-eyed fans noticed a discrepancy in the picture. The self-styled momager, 61, posted a photograph of herself in a low cut crop top and leggings as she plugged a flat tummy tea.

But suspicious social media users thought there was something a bit odd about the photograph.
In the picture, the wooden bench behind the reality star is slightly warped underneath her right arm.

The bottom of Kris's arm also looks rather ragged as social media users accused her of deceiving her fans.

One Instagram user said: 'Shame about the editing on the arms... why bother? You look good

'No need for the thinify [sic], especially if you are advertising for a health or weight loss product. Bit deceiving really.'

Another wrote: 'The reason you look so good is because of photo editing, don't lie.'

A sceptical Instagram user also said: 'Oh please this pic was edited to the max.'

But others were not that bothered whether she had photoshopped the snap.

One wrote: 'We all edit, no big deal. Edit and say, 'who cares'... stunning.'

Some Facebook users also accused the reality star of airbrushing her skin.


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