Burn survivor shows off his bulge in Calvin Klein underwear



American burn survivor, Kendawg, 29, showed off his eggplant while posing in just a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. He posted the photo on his Instagram page and wrote:

"My mind Has Been Contemplating For a Few Days Now And I’ve decided to do a Calvin Klein Photo Shoot For Myself And Set a platform for people that feels low self-esteem when I comes to society...physically. I Did This suit Because I Want to be Able to Look Back at my Life Once I Get Older And Say, “yo I can’t believe I did something like that..” and to think about it it’s like if you don’t do nothing that is out rages or spontaneous it’s like you’re a nobody, ya know? And I Feel Like People Are Going to reminisce This and That And Say, “y’all remember Kendawg that did that half-naked photoshoot for @calvinklein? Dude got a lot of courage and confidence do to something like that!!” Now, watch the haters hate because to think about it if I wasn’t a burn survivor they will still be talking crap #warriorsalwaysprevail #calvinklein #confidence"
Ken was 3 yrs old when he was in a severe fire accident with his grandfather, that burned 85% of his body and left him disfigured for life.

" All I remember was me playing with my toys and watching TV while my grandpa was sleeping on the living room couch. When All of the sudden I heard this big explosion or somebody must have thrown something at the living room window because flames started to flair up. I woke up my grandpa to let him know that our apartment was on fire and at the same time I was in disbelief because I didn't want anything happen to me nor my grandfather. I was so scared that I didn't know what to do so I'd panicked, I was crying, yelling and screaming for help. I didn't know how to unlock doors at the time because I was trying to get out the apartment from the front door and as I can see my grandfather was dying from the smoke inhalation. I was thinking about calling the ambulance and just trying to prevail out of something that was hard, but me being a baby I'd didn't know how to work those kind of things. at least I did try to do what I had to do which was getting out the apartment the best way I can. My grandfather had a solution and the best way for me to get out the burning apartment was through the window where the fire was coming from. I had no choice but to go through the fire in order for me to live. As I was being carried over the window, the fire burned almost everything that was on me including my shirt, pants and my skin complexion and everything. Heroically my grandfather helped me make it out, but I was left with scars and messed image of myself. After the ambulance came my grandfather was announced dead. After everything that has happened to me I have been living with my grandmother what a test 26 years, and she has been my guardian angel forever. My grandmother was the type of person to be very overprotective and have my back from many situations that I have been in. So I want to see if a lot of you people can help me with the money issue that I have because I'm trying to be able to be strong and get a place to stay that myself. I done had numerous of operation on me and it's been a while since I have my last operation but I want some more because I want to be able to function with my hands and fingers. So I created a go fund me account so people can donate some money for me so I can go through my surgery process in order for me to function better. I get ridiculed about about my looks a lot because people just see me as a burn survivor; The outside of my skin, but they have no idea how I am on the inside which really matters, and problems like that hurts me. I stress a lot and get depressed too…I know I probably shouldn't tell people that because they can use that I barely get along with family members because ever since I was little they always treated me like an outsider and like I am a six grader which makes me don’t vibe with certain family members at all. I never had friends come over and kick it with me, none of my peers never invited me or asked me to go out of town with them at all because they think that I'm not able to do nothing or I'm worthless and my little cousin used to treat me like that. That's why I kinda hold this animosity towards certain people. Don't get me wrong I am a nice person but don't think for second that I am simpleminded or naïve. If my hands wasn't this deformed I could probably do way more than what people think I can. And I really have people that hate on me. So can you people please help me get where I want to be because it seems like all I have is myself. Thank you for your time and I really appreciate y'all. With or without the surgery I'll be ok. I've been doing it already for 30 years. The surgery is just a desire because I know I could do a lot more with working fingers. Really I'm just thankful for still being able to be here to live my life because the opposite of me asking is not being able to ask because I wouldn't be here. Thanks everyone for your support."

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