Video shows the horrifying moment train leaves platform with man's finger still stuck in the doorway as he desperately runs alongside



A man survived what could have easily escalated into a tragedy after his finger got stuck between the doors of a train and it drove off dragging him with it. The commuter had been getting off the train when it zoomed off without warning.

The incident occurred in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China. The passenger had boarded the wrong train and the moment he realised his error, he jumped off quickly but not every part of him was off the train. The man can be seen in the horrific footage running alongside the moving train while shocked onlookers banged against the body of the train to alert the driver.

The man was saved after a passenger inside the train pulled the emergency alarm and the man was eventually able to pull his finger free. An official at the station said the driver was at fault. He was meant to give an alert before driving off. The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, where users expressed their shock.

A man named Da Su wrote: "The train should have an alert system that the train shouldn't move if any of the doors is not fully closed."

Aaron Barton commented: "He's lucky he was able to get his finger out before he suffered serious injury."

See the video below.

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