Megan Bannister, 16, had secret date with ‘older man’ before she was found dead in ‘staged’ car crash, friends say



16-year-old Megan Bannister was found dead on Sunday at the back of a crashed car.

Now, friends of the deceased have revealed that Megan had a secret weekend date with an older man in his late twenties.

When the body of Megan was found at the back of a crashed car, cops immediately suspected that she was not killed in the crash, instead it was most likely staged to cover up the real murder or that the body was being moved when the accident occurred.
The driver and passenger in the crashed car were unhurt, increasing the cops' suspicion and they were arrested immediately. It turns out they are both in their late twenties, corresponding with the age of the man her friends' said she was meeting that fateful night.

Megan had told her friends she had met the man at a club and was meeting up with him on Saturday. She then told her mom that she would be staying with a friend that night. On Sunday, police raided the homes of the two suspects found in the crashed car, Adam King, 27 and Jason Burder, 28. It is believed they murdered the schoolgirl.

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