Husband claims his wife was drugged and raped after she was filmed having sex with fellow contestant in a reality show



A husband in denial has refused to believe that his wife will intentionally cheat on him and is accusing TV bosses of covering up a rape. Andrej Laharnar is claiming that his wife was drugged and raped after she was filmed getting cozy under the covers with a fellow housemate.

Andrej's partner, Mirela Lapanovic, is a contestant in a Serbian reality show called Couples, which is similar to Big Brother.
In one of the episodes filmed in Serbian capital, Belgrade, viewers saw her in explicit scenes with Milutin Radosavljevic Milija, another contestant. Her husband, upon seeing the footage, was left horrified and says the production team used drugs to manipulate his partner into a sexual scene to boost viewer figures and are trying to cover up the rape. He also believes his wife's male partner in the sex scene was drugged and that drug use is rife among people involved in the TV show.

"If only they showed her the footage, she would be shocked and she would realise she was abused," Andrej said.

"The production is not allowing the contestants or the audience to talk about the terrible incident. They are trying to cover up the rape but the truth will come out."Last year, the Couples TV show made headlines when a husband was shown on TV appearing to strangle his wife. The production team behind Couples made no comment on the incident till date.

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