Check out night club's reply to woman who complained about their music and gave them a one-star review



Did this club go too far in their reply to a customer who was not pleased with their services? Sevgi Cavusoglu took to Facebook to blast the FLY Club after a night out with her friends. She gave the club a one-star review and wrote:

"S*t music, rude staff!! Hated it. Never going back.". Her harsh review got an equally harsh reply from the management of FLY Club.
She was branded a "gormless moron" by the Club in Edinburgh and they revealed they are happy she's never returning again. They also addressed her displeasure at the kind of music they played and said they had given her a refund because she did not like their music. The club, which specialises in house, techno, hip hop, garage and grime music informed Sevgi that they do not play Justin Bieber and they advised her to carry out proper research about a place before going there so as to know what to expect.

They said:

"Hi Sevgi, We gave you a refund as you didn't like the music. Fair enough, if underground house and disco is not your bag - perhaps research where you are going next time? We don't play Justin Bieber."The post, which was shared last week, has now gone viral, with a few people supporting the club's response while a number of others criticised their reply and said they could have handled it better.

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