Amusing photos show drunk selfies taken by party-goers which they end up not remembering by morning



Ever taken a picture when you were drunk then later asked yourself what you were thinking? Well, you are not alone. A number of people have shared cringeworthy photos they took while in a drunken state and some of them are amusing.

From funny photos taken on the toilet seats of clubs to posing with strangers and dead animals, Sun UK compiled photos of some crazy things people did when they were drunk only to realise their actions much later. A very funny video was also shared of a drunk reveller who videobombed a live TV broadcast and, though it's old, it's quite hilarious.

In the funny video, the lady can be seen making faces and striking funny poses behind the news anchor who was oblivious to what was going on behind him. At some point, she bends to the ground and begins to exercise - push-ups included. The host back in the studio tried to hold back her laughter but couldn't, so she let it out while the anchor at the scene continued giving his report, unaware of the drama playing out behind him.

See the hilarious video and photos below.

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