Tonto Dikeh's Fans Come For Rosaline Meurer Again



Tonto Dikeh's fans are yet to cool things off wit Rosaline Meurer as they again took to her page to cuss her out.

The actress had shared a photo of herself in an airplane revealing she was on her way back from vacation, a caption which got her more than she bargained for.

Read some of the comments below:
precymalIt doesn't last... we've seen a whole lota them. We are here, going no where. We'll see where it gets them.

olori_layomi All this people hailing and calling you all sort of sweet names won't share your calamity with you, they'll only say "sorry"...karma strikes the sweet spot at the right time 😘😘😘....most of you celebs sweet spot is far disgusting and rotten than those that are not coz most of y'all are prostitutes using film making as a disguise,you think by posting pictures of you being happy without what people say will make @tontolet feel pained??? No bitch,you both aren't in same class, she's better than you now coz she's a mother and ur still there living a miserable cap it all, she might not even be with any bae, might be one of her weak format to make @tontolet jealous... Aunty yellow fever
_aviateurShall we see the bae if you're really proud of him. K for many words are knocking on your door. K for karma and a few others.
_aviateurOne particular k word comes in form of a loop/circuit/cycle. Keeps going around. If you know what you're enjoying belongs to you no problem. But if it doesn't and you know the owner and you are deliberately doing it and you think you're enjoying and some people are hailing you. Wo omo girl. You're part of that cycle o. It's coming to you soon and very soon. Very very very soon sef. Could be next tomorrow sef. And I hope you won't start deleting pictures.
blac_n_brownalgough this matter has gone down a lil bit Please y'all judging rosy, i feel like u guys shud know this. I get the fact we all love tonto and therefore we should fight 4 her, bt this is nt our war, our business, nor is it our own family matter. God will do the fighting tho, bt until he calls us to join His army, we should all take chill pills (including myself).we absolutely dont have the right to judge or point fingers at anyone yet. I am saying all this cos i am really sorry 4 dat comment i made. It was indeed hurtful. Now y'all, this doesnt mean we should say yes to evil but, in all things let wisdom rule
teekanley1@rosymeurer your life will never know peace for destroying tonto's home 🏡, you are traveling with her husband. Omoale . Bluntant liar 🤥

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