Update:: Family petition IGP over alleged murder of hairstylist by Police in Warri, Delta State



As earlier reported, a hairstylist identified as Nelson Akporido Sini was arrested on Wednesday by operatives of the B-Division, Warri Area Command of the Nigeria Police, along with two others in Warri, Delta State. His body later turned up at the Warri General Hospital the following day..

The death of the 36-year-old has taken a twist as the family of the deceased has petitioned the Federal Government.

The Sini family sent copies of the petition to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Idris, the Police Service Commission and the Acting Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), alleging murder.

They are also pressing for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of “B” Division, Warri, CSP Eyoh Aniete who, they said, masterminded the killing of their son.

The petition channeled through their counsel, Oghenejabor Ikimi of Ikimi Oghenejabor & Co chambers based in Udu, also requested justice and compensation to his family for the alleged murder of their son.

However, DPO Aniete, who spoke to Nigerian Tribune when contacted denied the allegation, insisting that the victim, who was arrested with two other suspects over alleged robbery, was shot in the leg when he attempted to bolt away.

Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Delta State Command, Mr Andrew Aniamaka, corroborated the claims of DPO Aniete on phone.

He said the trio were believed to have masterminded the snatching of a Toyota Camry car with registration number Lagos F2349EKY belonging to one Chima Peter Chukwemeka at Orerokpe in Okpe Local Government Area of the state some time in 2016.

Luck, he said ran out of the suspects when the owner of the car, who, incidentally, was at the function, raised the alarm after he had identified his car which still had its army-green colour and plate number intact.

According to him, if the deceased had not attempted to escape, he wouldn’t have been shot in the leg which eventually led to his death in spite of frantic efforts made to save him.

The Sini family had, however, described the police claims as a hoax and an attempt to cover up a deliberate, cold murder of Akporido.

A member of the deceased family, Mr Joseph Sini, a lawyer, disclosed that the DPO allegedly shot Akporido Sini dead and arrested the two others, Efe Otikpo and Urhuemu Otikpo, over a purported stolen car on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Sini also stated that the deceased was allegedly shot in the leg and was allowed to bleed to death by the DPO and his men while his remains was later deposited at the Warri Central Hospital Morgue by another police officer simply identified as Akhigbe.

He insisted that the Police Service Commission should prosecute DPO Aniete for being fond of killing innocent children including Akporido Sini and pay compensation the family in the interest of justice.

According to him, late Akporido Sini, who was the owner of Dynamos Barbing Plaza at Enerhen near Warri, was a calm and gentle person who had never engaged in any form of criminality in his neighbourhood.

Elder sister of the deceased, Betty Esini, who also spoke to journalists, claimed that the late Nelson Akporido went for the Service of Songs held in honour of one Chief David.O. Oghen, an in-law to the Sini family at Ometan Street in Warri at about 5:30p.m of Wednesday.

While returning home, late Akporido, she said, decided to join the vehicle of one of his neighbours, Mr. Urhuemu Otikpo, who offered him a free ride.

According to her, the late Akporido, Uhuemu Otikpo and one other Efe Nelson Sini were about to enter into the vehicle (Toyota Camry) when some policemen attached to the Nigeria Police Station, “B” Division, Warri swooped on them, claiming it was a stolen vehicle.

Subsequently, the policemen arrested the trio and drove them in the vehicle to the “B” Division in handcuffs.

She added that family members and sympathisers of the deceased were barred from the police station until the following day, Thursday March 17 when they were informed that the corpse of Akporido had been deposited at Warri Central Hospital morgue!

Meanwhile, the human rights lawyer, Ikimi, in his petition on behalf of the deceased family, described DPO Anietie of being fond of shooting suspects brought to his station in the leg. Below is the full petition published on Facebook by Ikimi on March 18th:

No. 114, Udu Road,
Ovwian, Near Warri,
Delta State, Nigeria.
G.S.M No: 08036607603
17th March, 2017

We have been briefed and our professional services retained by MADAM BETHEL SINI, hereinafter referred to as “OUR CLIENT” and it is on her firm and succinct instructions that we write to your office on the above subject matter thus:

1. It is our brief that on Wednesday, the 15th day of March, 2017 MR. AKPORIDO NELSON SINI, aged 36 years and a Barber and owner of Dynamos Barbing Saloon at Ateiwoh Plaza, Enerhen Junction near Warri, went for the service of songs organized in honour of the LATE CHIEF DAVID O. OGHEN at Ometan Road, Warri at about 4:00pm. CHIEF DAVID O. OGHEN is an in-law to the Sini Family.

2. It is our brief that after the said service of songs held in honour of the LATE CHIEF DAVID O. OGHAN at about 5:30pm, MR. AKPORIDO NELSON SINI decided to join the vehicle of one of his neighbors, MR. URUEMU OTIKPO who had offered him a free ride back home.

3. It is our further brief that while the MESSRS URUEMU OTIKPO, EFE OTIKPO and AKPORIDO NELSON SINI were about to entered into the said vehicle they were arrested by some policemen attached to the Nigeria Police Station, “B” Division, Warri on the pretext that the said vehicle was a stolen one.

4. It is our brief that said policemen arrested the trio of MESSRS URUEMU OTIKPO and his younger brother, EFE OTIKPO and AKPORIDO NELSON SINI and drove them to their Police Station at the “B” Division, Warri in handcuffs with the said vehicle.

5. It is also our brief that the above arrest drew the attention of guests at the service of songs and our client who trailed the said policemen to the “B” Division, Warri but on getting to the main gate was barred from entering by policemen on guard who advice her to come back at 10:00am the next day.

6. It is our brief that on Thursday, the 16th day of March, 2017 when our client and other family members including the mother of MESSRS URUEMU OTIKPO and EFE OTIKPO got to the said Police Station for the bail of the above suspects, they were also barred by policemen on guard from entering the Police Station.

7. It is also our brief that after our client and members of the Sini Family and the Otikpo Family were unable to gain access into the said Police Station from 10:00pm till 5:00pm, they decided to brief OGEHENJABOR IKIMI, ESQ., of counsel who promised to see the Divisional Police Officer of the said Station the next day after putting several unsuccessful phone calls to the said Police Officer.

8. It is our further brief that on Friday, the 17th day of March 2017 our client put a phone call through another member of the Sini Family to our Law Firm to the effect that MR. AKPORIDO NELSON SINI was shot the previous day at the “B” Division, Warri on the leg and was allowed by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP EYOH and his Men to bleed to death.

9. It is our brief that the above information got to our client through a casual staffer of the Central Hospital, Warri attached to its mortuary who is a friend of the deceased and who was present when the corpse of the said MR. AKPORIDO NELSON SINI was brought to the morgue by a Police Officer named AKHIGBE.

10. It is our brief that the said mortuary attendant quickly alerted our client and the Sini Family members with the electronically generated photographs of the corpse of the deceased, and immediately our client went to the said mortuary to identify the said corpse to be that of MR. AKPORIDO NELSON SINI.

11. It is our brief that as at the time of the arrest of the deceased who was in company of MESSRS URUEMU OTIKPO and EFE OTIKPO, the said trio were unarmed.

12. It is our brief that MESSRS URUEMU OTIKPO and EFE OTIKPO are presently being held at the cell of the Nigeria Police Station, “B” Division, Warri by its Divisional Police Officer.

13. It is also our brief that the person who sold the said vehicle to MR. URUEMU OTIKPO had gone to the “B” Division, Warri to identify the said vehicle which according to him he sold to the suspect.

14. It is our further brief that the Divisional Police Officer of the “B” Division, Warri CSP EYOH is fond of shooting suspects brought to his Police Station on the leg, and between the month of February, 2017 and 16th March, 2017 he had shoot several suspects on the leg amongst whom are MR. LUCKY EBA and MR. UGOJOH who are presently been held at the Federal Prisons, Warri on holding charges. The two inmates whose bail applications are been handled by our law firm are presently been treated of gun wounds in the said prison by their Doctors.

15. We believe that under the Nigerian Constitution, every person is innocent until proved guilty in the Law Court. We are however yet to come to terms with the above sinister action of the Divisional Police Officer of the “B” Division, Warri and his Men for killing an unarmed suspect while in their custody for no just cause.

16. It is in the light of the forgoing that we write this petition to your office, for you to commence an independent and unbiased investigation into the above dastard murder in cool blood of an innocent and unarmed citizen for no just cause, as justice delayed is justice denied.

17. We trust in your abilities.

Yours faithfully,
Federal Secretariat,
Louis Edet House,
National Human Rights Commission,

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