Senator Ben Bruce Blasts Osinbajo Over Proposed N250million Budgeted for His Gatehouse



Senator Ben Murray-Bruce

Outspoken Nigerian senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has attacked Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo after his mere gatehouse will be built for a whopping N250 million when Nigerians are crying of hardship in the land.

Bruce said 'common sense' should tell the government that such an impunity should not be allowed in a government that speaks of change. The amount which is contained in the proposed 2017 budget shows that the government is not serious about changing things for the good of the people, but are very much after their own welfare.

"With a minimum wage of N18,000 the N250 million budgeted for the Vice President's gatehouse can pay the salaries of 13,888 Nigerians!

"The 2.9 billion voted for honoraria for the presidency and its agencies in a recession can feed 1 million starving IDPS in NE for 2 months!

"The budget for catering equipment for Aso Rock can pay minimum wage for 10,000 Nigerians. What happened to equipment budgeted for last year?" he tweeted.