See Moi Tonie Goddess to MC Galaxy titled 'Your Love' (Photos+Video)



Moni Tonie Goddess gleefully twerking to the song

As the pop song of Nigerian singer and comedian, MC Galaxy titled 'Your Love' gathers momentum, one beautiful Nigerian lady has undertaken a breathtaking mind-teasing dance to the banging song.

Moi Tonie Goddess recently threw caution to the wind as she privately twerked to the song within the confine of her bedroom. The beautiful lady who rocked red panties thrilled her fans with her waist movement.

Moi Tonie confirmed she is very much in love with the song which is currently being promoted in Nigeria by MC Galaxy. Moi Tonie is a well-traveled fashionista who has an eye for body-revealing outfits as seen on her Instagram page.

Watch the video below:

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