Prominent Pastor Exposed After N*ked Pictures of His PA are Allegedly Discovered Inside His Phone



Pastor Edd Branson with his wife

Prophet Edd Branson, the leader of Jesus Generation International Ministries, Kenya, has been accused of cheating on his wife with his Personal Assistant after n*ked photos were allegedly found in his wife.

However, the pastor has claimed he is a victim of doctored WhatsApp Chats and images.

According to iHarare, the WhatsApp chats rumoured to be between him and his PA known as Nyarai, has caused some stir among church members as many have asked for explanation.

The n*de photos of the PA have been circulated online along with the chat history showing how they communicated and planned to have s*x together.

The chats are accompanied with n*de pictures and pictorial evidence in the form of passport images, air ticket search evidence, lingerie and clothes coinciding with the leaked chats.

However, Prophet Edd while speaking with H-Metro claimed that he was being framed up. According to him, he clashed with two men only identified as Geshem and Patson who approached his personal assistant, Nyarai promising her money to use her mobile phone to tarnish his (Edd's) image.

“What I can tell the nation is that the church is under attack and social media has brought more harm than good because there are evil people among various church congregations with senior positions who are being paid to tarnish the images of the men of God,” said Prophet Edd.

“It is the time not to trust anyone to get hold of your mobile phone or anything that requires your personal information number (PIN).

“I want to thank my personal assistant for being honest with me after it was revealed to me that there are people who approached her and discussed with her about ways to black mail me.

“She confirmed the prophecy and told me everything she discussed with them saying she was threatened with unspecified action if she was to disclose the information to me.

“These people are after planting their people in media departments of big churches so as to access information like videos and pictures and doctor them along with nude photographs of hookers.

“Church must pray against these things and I call upon church leaders to make sure they engage people they groomed not those who are knowledgeable in international technology or journalists in their media departments.

“Recently, I was phoned by a journalist saying he had a story of my separation with my Finnish wife and I laughed at it and knew that there are people who are fighting me.

“What I want to tell the nation is that it is easy to be used by the devil since money and property is used but they will die like fools for betraying men of God as was the case with the biblical story of Judas Iscariot.

“The nation must not fold hands when local prophets are being attacked because in the book of Revelations it is written that church is holding more devastating things that fall on nations and when the church is taken up, that is rapture, it will be hard to be saved because grace will be no more,” said Prophet Edd.

However some Kenyans believe the pastor has something to hide and want an investigation to be carried into the development.