Nigerian Model Exposes 'Private Part' in Valentine's Day Bikini Photo



Lingerie model, Beverly Osu in the mood of the Valentine's Day hysteria rocked a transparent bikini outfit with a touch of red.

The picture was taken on the beach by Metrography in what has been described as a 'test shoot'. The actress stirred up controversy as she appeared to have dragged up her panties unnecessarily with her v*gina almost exposed in the process.

This distracted her thousands of fans from her sweet message of love which goes thus:

"Love knows no limit.

I am in love for sure cause every time I see you, I yearn to love you more.

Every single day, I am grateful for you.

If , out of time . I could pick one moment and keep it shining always new, I will pick the moment I met you"

Meanwhile, the controversial model linked with lesbianism has remained apologetic in the face of a bitter argument on her page in criticism and counter-criticism of her outfit and seductive action.