Medical Doctor Caught Red-handed Rubbing His P*nis on the Face of a Sleeping Patient (Video)



The doctor was caught on camera commiting the act

A video has shown the shocking moment a doctor identified as Javier Mauricio Cuba, was spotted grotesquely rubbing his genitals on a sleeping female patient’s face.

Metro UK reports that Javier Mauricio Cuba performed the foul act on the woman at the Peruvian America Clinic in Trujillo, Peru on January 26.

The video was taken on a mobile phone by a family member of the woman at the hospital’s emergency department, according to Peruvian news site Elpopular.

He was on duty with six nurses and two caretakers, none of whom reported having seen anything out of the ordinary.

Cuba, who had been working at the clinic for eight months, has since apologised to the family and resigned.

The hospital’s boss said that no legal action would be taken against the doctor.

Gerardo Salazar, director of the clinic, said: ‘We, as an institution, also extend our apologies and promise that it will not happen again.’

It is not made clear if the victim is aware of the attack.

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