Man Trying to Impress a Crowd With Dance Skills Knocks Himself Out with a Back-flip (Video)



The man is seen trying a backflip

A video has shown the horrific moment a man knocked himself out when he landed on his neck after trying a backflip during a live performance.

Daily Mail UK reports that the shocking footage is believed to have been filmed in Russia. The video shows a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing to Smooth Criminal as a crowd watches him perform.
He landed on his neck

But then a man from the crowd steps forward and runs towards a chair on the other side of the audience.

He jumps and tries to perform a backflip but the chair slips away from him and he lands with a thud on his neck.

The man lies motionless on the floor as two men pull him away from the crowd.
He remains motionless on the ground

Bizarrely, the Michael Jackson impersonator continues his performance while this is happening.

It is not clear if the injured man was supposed to flip as part of the performance or if he spontaneously emerged from the crowd.