Let’s Talk!!! “Which Is Better” Being In A Relationship OR Being Single?


It is always a good feeling to love someone and be loved in return. But if I may ask, is this always the case in most relationships? Either Yes or No, it is certain that everyone is 100% in love with himself or herself.

No doubt, a relationship requires some level of commitment from both partners. At the point where one partner is finding it difficult to fulfil his or her own part of the commitment, then the relationship may likely end up in a fatal crash.

As a boyfriend in a typical Nigerian setting, you have some level of financial obligation to fulfil in other to satisfy your girl. If you cannot meet up, she will not only change your last name to “Hackergum” she will not also give you much-needed attention.

But as a single guy, your money is as free as a leg of a handicap on a wheelchair. You will have the freedom to spend money on yourself and your immediate family.

At least you won’t be thinking about buying your girlfriend Iphone 7 worth over 400k when your parents who struggled to raise you are suffering in the village.

Meanwhile, being in a relationship with a lady restricts freedom to enjoy life generally. You will agree with me that most guys are always curious of what their girl is doing at every point in time.

Apart from this restriction, as a girlfriend, you must be readily available to cook when he needs you, do his laundry as at when due and satisfy his sexual needs at all time. For this reason and much more, most ladies see a relationship as a cage they don’t want to get locked in at any point in time.

The point is, being single has a whole lot of freedom attached to it. As a single lady or guy, you don’t have to consider anyone’s feelings before taking actions and most importantly freedom with opposite sex will be fully secured and guaranteed as long as you are not emotionally attached to anybody.

But then, every good thing has a bad side. Whether you are in a relationship or you’re single, the two statutes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

From your experience, which do you think is better, is it being in a relationship or being single?

Let’s have your comments on this!